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Key Considerations

  • Subcontracts can add numerous twists to a negotiation.

  • Subcontractors may not agree with exceptions University attains to move
    the project forward (or even the University standard language).


  • Funding entities may try to insist that University be liable for sub-sites. The University can agree to be responsible for monitoring the sub-sites or collecting data, but not for their specific performance.

  • It should be clear if the experimental treatment is being provided through the University or to the sub-sites directly.

  • Subcontracts to unusual entities (e.g., the VA) should be discussed with the contracts office in advance.


  • Consider whether subcontractors will be performing the same protocol as the University study, or perform a subset of the protocol.

  • Promptly advise the contracts office if a material transfer agreement is necessary.

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