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Information to Gather

  • Is the study material manufactured by the funding entity?

  • Will we be providing study material to the subcontractors or will it
    be through the funding entity or a third party?


  • Is there any expected positive conflict of interest disclosure with the funding entities? Check with your institution to determine whether the federal, state, or both conflict of interest forms are required to be completed.

  • Who is funding the study or providing materials.

  • Did the sponsor receive a Small Business Innovation Research or Small Business Technology Transfer grant to conduct the research.


  • Make sure to indicate to the contract office if there is more than one funding source, or if any portion of the funding is not industry.

  • Confirm that the funding entity has sent an indemnity letter or indemnity agreement along with the contract if a CRO is the contracting party. If they haven't, check with the CRO to see if one is available.

  • Consult with your institution’s contracts office for review of any budget and other relevant documentation, and allow time for negotiation of the agreement.

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