Date: July 15, 2020  |  Oakland

By UC Health

The extent and 'richness' of [data set] will continue to expand as University of California hospitals at UC Davis Health, UC San Diego Health, UCI Health, UCLA Health and UCSF Health care for a growing number of patients with COVID-19. The geographic distribution of UC hospitals across California means the data pulls from a broad section of the state's diverse population. 

Patient diversity, along with details about age, pre-existing medical conditions and medications, and previous treatments, is essential to ensure findings are not unintentionally skewed due to homogeneity of the population. "Inequities in health care can start as early as the research phase," said Dr. Carrie L. Byington, executive vice president of University of California Health and an infectious disease expert. "We will always strive to avoid perpetuating inequities." Byington urged the creation of CORDS through the University of California's Biomedical Research Acceleration, Integration & Development consortium (UC BRAID), its five Clinical and Translational Science Award institutions, and University of California Health’s Data Warehouse team in the Center for Data-driven Insights and Innovation (CDI2).

UC BRAID and UC Health create centralized data set to accelerate COVID-19 research


By Tom Andriola

Thanks to everyone who submitted applications to the UC Research in OptumLabs Data Warehouse call for proposals.


We received 34 proposals from 6 campuses, and are pleased to announce the final 7 proposals which were chosen to receive OptumLabs-funded access to its database of de-identified, linked clinical and administrative claims information (the OptumLabs Data Warehouse).

Date: March 13, 2020  |  Oakland

UC Health - OptumLabs: Round 4 Awardees


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