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Multiple Funding Entities

Please note that clinical trials are significantly more complex with
multiple funding entities. Make sure to reach out to the contracting
office early to avoid delays.

Key Considerations

  • Be aware of competing funding entity interests.

  • Funding entities rarely respect competing interests.

  • The University cannot have overlapping obligations to other parties.

  • You may want to discuss at an early stage whether the sponsors are willing to engage in a three (or more) party agreement rather than separate negotiations.  This can save time and effort, particularly if a multi-party template is agreed to by the funding entities.

  • Is there a mix of non-profit and for-profit funds?


  • Clearly delineate each party’s responsibilities in the protocol.

  • Consider using a template such as the “Multi-Party Investigator-Initiated Clinical Trial Agreement” if the project meets all the requirements of a clinical trial.  It is best to confer briefly with your contracts office before sending out a template agreement to make sure that the provisions are appropriate to the type of study you are doing

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