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Formed in 2010, the University of California Biomedical Research Acceleration, Integration & Development (UC BRAID) consortium aims to accelerate research and improve health through collaboration, sharing resources, and infrastructure development.

"There must be solid and dedicated leadership and vision that embraces collaboration, breaking down barriers, and working together from different disciplines and venues for the sake of improving health care."


Dan Cooper

Director, Institute for Clinical and Translational Science

UC Irvine


UC BRAID connects researchers and administrators to solve problems, increase opportunities, and create efficiency of scale. Our platform of shared governance acts as a catalyst for collaboration, enabling us to amplify individual work and multiply its impact.


  1. Create infrastructure and drive harmonization to increase efficiency in clinical and translational research through our initiatives and workgroups.

  2. Develop structures to support the interface between research and clinical care.

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Our Vision for UC BRAID is to integrate resources and talent across the University of California to accelerate research that improves health.

Our Mission is to create an environment that reduces barriers, leverages and combines resources, enables teams, and serves as a model for collaborative consortia.



Considering a Partnership? Preparing a grant? Reach out early!

  1. Engage your local CTSA hub Director

  2. Provide a summary or abstract of your proposal including aims and list your UC collaborators (draft ok). Fill out our survey here!

Learn how you can leverage UC BRAID and cross-UC resources for your health research project.


Questions?: Email UC BRAID at

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