Participant Recruitment

Failure to recruit enough patients is one of the top reasons why clinical trials fail, which is why we’ve assembled specialists in the field of participant recruitment to partner on this problem. Our work makes it easier for investigators to leverage recruitment capabilities in the electronic health record, conduct multisite recruitment, and obtain IRB approval for recruitment methods and materials. 

Campus Leads
Fred Stevenson, UCD
Adrijana Gombosev, UCI
Joshua Grill, UCI
Douglas Bell, UCLA
Marianne Zachariah, UCLA
Brandon Brown, UCR
Tia Levine, UCSD

Molly Belinski, UCSF (Work
  Group Lead)

Ruth Gebrezghi, UCSF

Vanessa Jacoby, UCSF
Katherine Connors, Stanford 

John Maul, Stanford

David Grady
Program Manager, UC BRAID


  • Improve the cost, efficiency, and effectiveness of recruitment approaches

  • Position member institutions to be attractive for research grant dollars, both locally and with multi-center studies and trials

  • Develop capabilities to forge and respond to new public/private partnerships