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UC Research in OptumLabs Data Warehouse

As part of the strategic relationship between UC Health and OptumLabs, OptumLabs annually provided seven UC researchers with OptumLabs-funded access to its database of de-identified, linked clinical and administrative claims information between 2017 and 2020. UC BRAID managed the call for proposals and awardee selection on behalf of UC Health.

The credit included data access for one research project and OptumLabs technology infrastructure with standard configuration for two users. Each project was scheduled to last one year after data access was granted. The full list of credit awardees is below


OptumLabs is an open, collaborative center for research and innovation focused on improving patient care and value. The comprehensive real-world data with nearly 200 million de-identified lives across claims and clinical information contains a rich, linked dataset, which can be used to conduct broad or narrow investigations on populations and unique subsets within them.


  • Nisha Acharya, UC San Francisco: Effectiveness of the herpes zoster vaccine on herpes zoster and herpes zoster ophthalmicus

  • Christina Chambers, UC San Diego: Use of antidepressants during pregnancy in the United States

  • Catherine Chen, UC San Francisco: Association between opioid prescribing patterns after surgery and the adverse effects of opioid use

  • Stephanie Crossen, UC Davis: Improving care management and outcomes for pediatric T1D patients

  • Daniel Hommes, UC Los Angeles: Predictive Modeling within the context of Value-based Health Care

  • Todd Gilmer, UC San Diego: Reducing the morbidity, disability, and premature mortality due to psychotic disorders

  • Wei Ling Lau, UC Irvine: Warfarin’s impact on stroke and mortality outcomes in end-stage kidney disease


  • Joshua J. Fenton, UC Davis: Clinical Consequences of Dose Tapering in Long-term Opioid Users

  • Brent D. Fulton, UC Berkeley: Identifying Hospitalized Meningitis and Encephalitis Patients Who Would Benefit the Most from an Advanced Diagnostic Test

  • Thomas Lietman, UC San Francisco: Study of Inflammatory Eye Disease to Use Nation-Wide Clinical Data to Better Detect US Infectious Eye Disease Epidemics

  • Stacy L. Pineles, UC Los Angeles: Examining How Various Pediatric Eye Diseases Affect the Risk of Injuries in Children

  • Connie Rhee, UC Irvine: Unraveling the Bi-Directional Relationship Between Thyroid Dysfunction and Kidney Disease Using OptumLabs Data

  • Siddharth Singh, UC San Diego: Comparative Effectiveness of Continuing vs. Stopping 5-Aminosalicylates in Biologic-Treated Patients with Ulcerative Colitis

  • Ming Tai-Seale, UC San Diego: Opportunities in Deprescribing and Advance Care Planning for Older Adults with Serious Illnesses


  • Onyebuchi Arah, UCLA: Optimizing maternal and fetal health through prenatal vaccination strategies

  • Paige Bracci, UCSF: HbA1c, diabetes mellitus, obesity and antibiotic use related to risk and prognosis of pancreatic cancer and pancreatic cysts

  • Berit Kerner, UCLA: Longitudinal comparative effectiveness of bipolar disorder therapies

  • Sima Porten, UCSF: Impact of socioeconomic status on healthcare utilization & expenditure in individuals with bladder cancer

  • Siddharth Singh, UCSD: Paternal exposure to immunosuppressive and/or biologic agents and birth outcomes in patients with immune-mediated inflammatory diseases

  • H. Irene Su, UCSD: Estimating adverse pregnancy outcomes in female adolescent and young adult cancer survivors

  • Delphine Tuot, UCSF: Identifying disparities in ambulatory kidney care delivery


  • Lauren Clark and Dorothy Wiley, UCLA: Developmental disability effects on HPV vaccination initiation and completion among 9-27 year old youth

  • Joshua Fenton, UCD: Development of a Quality Measure of Safe Opioid Dose Tapering

  • Todd Gilmer, UCSD: Updating CDPS using data from Employer Sponsored Health Plans

  • Connie Rhee, UCI: Defining Optimal Transitions of Care in Advanced Kidney Disease: Conservative Management vs. Dialysis Approaches Using OptumLabs Data

  • Marissa Seamans, UCLA: Utilization of buprenorphine for treatment of opioid use disorder in the

  • United States

  • Joanne Spetz, UCSF: State regulation of advanced practice clinicians and utilization of abortion services

  • Glen Yiu, UCD: Clinical and cost effectiveness of tele-ophthalmology for eye screening in patients with diabetes

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