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Promoting Efficiencies

So long, silos! UC BRAID and our network of research administration partners work to develop, test, and implement new ways of working together more efficiently. We break down barriers to make communication more effective, reducing impediments and redundancies, ultimately making it faster and easier to conduct the next generation of research.

"This network brings together the 'best and brightest' of translational and clinical researchers — an established ecosystem that will speed up the process that brings science discovery to direct benefit of patients."


Dan Cooper

Director, Institute for Clinical and Translational Science

UC Irvine



Contracting offices face increasing internal and external pressure to improve turnaround times for clinical trial contract execution. To address these challenges, UC BRAID convened a network of campus contracting leadership. More...

Participant Recruitment


Participant recruitment is a significant challenge in many studies involving human subjects. The 5 campuses of UC BRAID, UC Riverside, and Stanford have partnered to build a portfolio of tools and services to improve the participant recruitment processes. More...


UC BRAID works closely with campus IRB Directors and staff as they adapt to a changing regulatory landscape. This close collaboration provides opportunities for us to test new approaches that streamline IRB approval and speed up clinical trial activation. More...

Regulatory (IRB)
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