We create opportunities to improve health for Californians and beyond. Our platform for collaboration helps catalyze innovative ideas and build and leverage shared resources. Together, we will realize the potential of our collective expertise, transforming our academic biomedical campuses into a learning health system.

Catalyzing UC
Health Research



Transformational technologies and data increasingly impact discovery and knowledge creation, uniting research and health care practices. We partner with researchers, clinicians, administrators and the UC Office of the President to develop key structures for transforming our academic biomedical campuses into a learning health system. Our current efforts are focused on:

  • Soliciting local ideas and leveraging funding opportunities to support cross-institutional project development and dissemination

  • Aligning UC BRAID’s priorities with the UC research and clinical enterprises

  • Forging new strategic partnerships with internal and external stakeholders



Every year, the UC BRAID community comes together to discuss opportunities and set objectives for creating an ecosystem that will speed the process of bringing science discovery to direct benefit of patients.



As a consortium, UC BRAID is made strong because of its many partners and the dedicated faculty and staff who contribute to our accomplishments. The CTSA Directory tries to illuminate the many  individuals who make our CTSA programs—and UC BRAID—a success.

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