UC BRAID is a unique network based on trust that creates synergies and establishes a platform for innovation. We connect researchers and administrative leaders to solve problems, increase opportunities, and create efficiency of scale. Our platform of shared governance acts as a catalyst for collaboration, enabling us to amplify individual work and multiply its impact.


"UC BRAID is a system that works because everyone is committed, It will stay on the national horizon as a model that works for research ‑ and for patients.”


Lars Berglund

Interim Dean, School of Medicine

UC Davis

Success and Achievements

Increasing Recognition & Expanding Reach

  • Recognized by NIH as the cutting-edge consortium for conducting clinical and translational research

  • All 5 UC sites received renewal of their CTSA grants bringing an additional $255M to UC

  • Expanded reach of the UC Center for Accelerated Innovation (CAI):  Awarded $12M by the NHLBI to advance early-stage interventions for patients through funding, training and mentorship

Enhancing Collaboration

  • Implemented President Napolitano’s UC-Wide Alzheimer's Disease Clinical Research Grants

  • Catalyzed the first-ever UC wide new drug and device discovery network

Improving Efficiency

  • Improved Contracting efficiency by analyzing hundreds of contracts to identify process improvements. A recent BRAID study showed that master agreements reduce negotiation time 47%

  • Piloted single Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval of multisite Biomedical Research, reducing approval time to 11 days and significantly reducing costs

Building Tools

  • Built UC Research eXchange (UC ReX), the first infrastructure to access clinical data from all 5 EHRs with over 15 million de-identified patient records

  • Developed UC TrialQuest, the UC-wide database of IRB-approved clinical trials

Past Initiatives

  • UC BRAID-Child Health 

  • Biobanking work group 

  • UC ReX Informatics consortium